About Us

Pooch and Me are managed by 3 siblings based in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Our CEO (face of the brand) Boba is the center and inspiration behind Pooch and Me. We adopted her back in August 2020 through Saving Hope Foundation and it was one of the best decision we ever made. She enjoys dressing up and feeling pretty even when just chilling at home. With this in mind, we want to bring out stylish products that are still comfortable for both us and our pups.

We aim to provide a unique and fresh look on dog apparel and accessories in New Zealand without compromising on affordability and quality. 

Our designs are made in-house by our design specialist - Bianca. 

Feel free to hit us up for any design ideas or suggestions.

We are looking forward to bringing out more amazing designs and creations. Our fur babies deserve to be spoiled and be gorgeous every day.

Lots of Love,

Ana, Bianca, Klariz and Boba